Conference of Grand Master’s of Masons in North America

Conference of Grand Master’s of Masons in North America, February 16-19, 2019 

Rapid City, South Dakota, USA 

The Grand Lodge of Albania was invited to participate in this important Freemasons event. The delegation of the GL of Albania was led by MW Brother Piro Dode, GM of the GL of Albania. It was an excellent opportunity to meet brethren from many Grand Lodges worldwide. Fraternal meetings were held with brethren and Grand Lodges from USA, Mexico, Canada, Brazil, Polynesia, Africa, Asia and Europe. The GL of Albania delegation participated in plenary sessions as well in committee meetings. 

During the conference several issues were addressed about the legislation and the procedures for recognition of the Grand Lodges in North America and worldwide. 

The Delegation of the Grand Lodge of Albania was warmly welcomed by the Executive Secretary of the Conference, Brother Michael A. DeWolf, PGM. Brother DeWolf has welcomed the invitation to visit Albania on September 28, during Annual Communication of the GL of Albania. 

During the conference the delegation of the GL of Albania, had warmly fraternal meetings with the MW Brother William M. Sardone, GM of the GL of New York, MW Brother DaNiel D. Wood the GM of South Dakota, MW Brother John D. May GM of the GL of Alaska, MW Brother Kennel Culbertson, GM of the GL of Alberta, MW Brother Michael D. Smith GM of the GL of the South Carolina, MW Brother Adam L. Hathaway GM of the GL of New Mexico, MW Brother Charbel T. Fahed GM of the GL of District Columbia, MW Brother, Carl E. Culman GM of the GL of Indiana, MW Brother Andy Mclennan GM of the GL of Manitoba, MW Brother David Coberly GM of the GL of Colorado, MW Brother. Fraternal meetings were held also with brethren from the GL of Kentucky. 

MW Brother Piro GM of the GL of Albania had fraternal meeting with the MW Brother Oscar De Alfonso Ortega GM of the GL of Spain and the Secretary of the World Conference of Grand Masters. Brother Oscar De Alfonso Ortega, expressed his full support for the GL of Albania and his assistance for further recognition of the GL of Albania from other Grand Lodges. Brother Oscar support was immediate while organizing the meetings with Grand Lodges from South America, starting with the GL of New Mexico. Brother Oscar de Alfonso Ortega promised his presence at the Annual Communication meeting of the GL of Albania, September 28, 2019. MW Brother Piro had warm and fraternal meeting with the Deputy GM Brother Jan e Savarino of the American Canadian Grand Lodge in Germany. Brother Savarino extended invitation to the GM of Albania Brother Piro for the Annual Communication meeting and the GM inauguration in April 5-9, 2019. 

The GM of the GL of Albania had very fraternal meetings with GM of the Grand Lodges from Brazil, Mexico, Paraguay, Uruguay, Togo, Tahiti. With the GM of Brazil and Mexico, the meetings were focused on closer cooperation and exchange and mutual recognition of the Grand Lodges. With the delegations from the Grand Lodges from Paraguay, Togo and Tahiti, the cooperation and mutual relations between grand lodges was discussed too. 

The delegation of the Grand Lodge of Albania, has attended the session of the Conference Commission on Recognition. This commission has considered the problems between the two Grand Lodges in Paraguay and the information about the consecration of the United Grand Lodge of Georgia. It was suggested that the recognition of the newly established Grand Lodges have to follow the principles of the Commission for Recognition. The recommendations will be published in the annual report of the 2019 Conference of the Grand Masters of Masons in North America. 

The GL of Albania delegation had meetings with the Bulgarian Grand Lodges, represented by three Grand Lodges. Out of three Bulgarian Grand Lodges, only United Grand Lodge of Bulgaria is Regular and accepted Grand Lodge. 

Fraternal meeting was also held with the MW Brother David Zurabashvili GM of the United Grand Lodge of Georgia. Brother David was so kind to explain challenges for the Consecration of the UGL of Georgia. 

GM of the GL of Albania approached twice the MW Brother Lukas Rasulic the GM of RGL of Serbia and asked to discuss about the mutual relations between GL of Albania and RGL of Serbia. The GM Rasulic promised to find time during the conference and explore fraternal relations between two Grand Lodges. The meeting didn’t take place due to the busy schedule of the GM of Serbia.